Third Times A Charm

September 30, 2012

I’ve come to realize
You can’t give up on someone
Who left long ago
Left behind a relationship
That might have been confusing
And difficult to handle at times
But still deep down
It was a mutual understanding
Perhaps even a connection

I might have lit the match
But you supplied the gasoline
This history that we complied
Was truly not a pleasure to burn
All of what we had
Watching as it melted
Only reminded of the day we met
When my teenage heart melted for you

This true displeasure
I can only manage through it
Because I know now
Now that I am trying to rid of you
I can put aside and throw away
The pain and harsh inconvenience
You have caused me

What an utter mess I have made
Of myself and those around me
Complain complain complain
Must be the only thing people hear from me
With you dissolved from my life
Maybe I can sing to a new tune
A little rhyme that has nothing to do
With the unhappiness I feel for you

I must admit of course
All of this would be totally different
If you just fought for me
I never expected a knight
Or an one-knee suggestion
An apology would be just fine

Maybe it was your pride
Or then again
Maybe you’re just that stubborn
To confess your true sins
Of breaking and using only when convinent
A hard-shelled girl
Who was too nice to anyone
That showed a bit of compassion or care

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