Family Strong

January 14, 2012

I grew up in a decent sized family

And there were fights

More than you would usually expect

But it was okay

Since even though we fell apart

We came back together

And when we thought

We couldn’t bear the pain

Of losing one us

We made it through it

And still hold strong

To the fact that we

Still have each other



January 10, 2012

I am sorry

For the distance that has come between us

The conversations that have ceased

And the laughter that no longer fills the room

I feel like I should have tried harder

We both should have tried harder

To keep what was once our friendship

Still alive

But what do we do now

Blame each other for our fall out

Or mend the broken thread

Let Go

January 1, 2012

There are some things

I will forever miss

But can never do again

For fear

I will only be rejected again

Told I’m not good enough

It feels like I’m giving up sometimes

But how can you give up something

You never fully had

The opportunity was never

Fully in my grasp

It was always

A nice dream to have though

To think that I could

Make people cry and feel

As I disguised myself

And became a character

Sometimes completely unlike

The real me

What a nice dream that once was

But now

Reality is calling me

New Year

December 31, 2011

Who ever knew

That so many tears

Could be shed in just one year

I’ve faced everything

I never wanted to deal with

My heart has been torn

And broken

In more ways than I can count

I’ve been let down

And just plain out


But worse of all

I feel as if I’ve lost it all

From the very beginning and life of me

To the dreams that I held so close


What can I possibly look forward to

When the past year

Has been nothing but

A true awful experience

Foolish Little Heart

December 29, 2011

I should have never let someone get so close to me

Every little thing they do affects me

Especially someone like you

Who I should have known

Would never be what I wanted them to be

It was foolish of me

To think of you in the first place

Letting you invade my dreams

Which I hope you know

Have become nightmares


December 20, 2011

What is inspiration?

Is it the things that make us cry

The things that make us feel warm inside

Or the very reasons why we breath

It’s like asking

Why were we made

No one knows the real reason why

You just have to find the answer that sounds real to you


December 20, 2011

I talk a lot about wanting to be happy

Fighting a struggle with sadness

And the betrayal I feel deep down inside

I’m not sure why though


It’s because I’m just too weak

And unable to admit this fact


I’m just hoping that if I get this all off my chest

Then I can achieve all of these things

That seem so far away


December 11, 2011

You’ll see

One day when you do want me

I’ll be too good for you

You’ll finally realize

That I was everything you ever wanted

But I’ll be gone

Even if we were to sit side by side

Only centimeters separating us

I would still be so far away

The distance might as well be

The end of time

That always seems so close

Almost in our grasp

Yet so far away at the same time


November 26, 2011

It got to me today

The sadness I’ve tried so hard to hide

It welded up in my eyes

And shrunk my beatless heart a little more

I ache all over now

Having been forced to recall

The very things I want to forget

And I’m sad to say

The opening arms were no help

I’m unable to find any comfort

Unless the impossible were to happen

But what is dead

Can never be resurrected

Literally or metaphorically

Some things will be forever gone

Which I guess means

I will be forever sad


November 26, 2011

You see

I’m willing to give you anything

Even my poor broken heart

Because deep down inside me

I’m hoping

You’ll be the one to fix it

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