Dreaming of Disaster

March 5, 2011

As much as I try to forget

It still hurts too much to ignore

My dreams have been wrecked beyond repair

What I’ve salvaged will never be enough

I’ve felt what it felt like to belong

But that was taken away fromĀ  me

Now I can never forget how that made me feel

So now nothing will be good enough

I can’t be pleased

A mask will be placed upon my face

For I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade

I’ll suffer in silence

And congratulate you

On the success you found that was taken from me

It’s okay though

We all forget, right?

No, no we don’t


Bits & Pieces

March 5, 2011

My ambitions fell through the cracks

And with a coat hanger I pick up a sliver

With the little piece of dream I had left

I took in a deep breath

Today I felt pain that’ll be hard to forget

And tomorrow might not be any better

But with a head held high

I know I can put my worries to rest


March 5, 2011

Heads held so high

Self-assurance so low

A mask of smiles they keep

They await for someone to notice the seam

Underneath would be revealed a pool of tears

Wipe away my tears, they would say

Make me feel okay to be me

The Truth

March 5, 2011

Cry, cry, cry

That’s all I can do

All effort and time oh so wasted

I only wanted to be good enough

But dreams don’t always come true

Hundred of tears that I’ll shed

Even though I know they’ll fix nothing

The truth hurts, they say

Well maybe I’m finally reaching reality

I wanted it just so bad

So bad that it hurt

But, in the end that didn’t matter

No one knew how much I cared


Life My Veil

February 19, 2011

Let me die in this hole of shame that you dutifully dug for me

As time begins to fade things become darker and lame

The veil of lies seem to still cover most’s eyes

Naive as the world may be, I feel like a giant sigh

So tired, so frustrated of all the kites clouding my sky

Each blockade, controlled by a different hand

I wish, oh how I wish I can chase away these nightmares, keeping my feet from touching land



February 19, 2011

I can find no end to the string of my heart

It yanks and it pulls, but it just seems to go on and on

All the whimpering and whining is no help

I feel so incomplete, not knowing what lies on the other end

It hums and sings to me, calling me closer

That stupid other end of the string, that I’m sure is connected to another’s heart

And that heart, belongs to me and my heart belongs to them

It seems so useless, like I’m so alone

I walk though, step by step, to find the other end of the string

That string is called love

Humaneless Humanity

February 17, 2011

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Stop all of your words that cut into me so deep.

Stop all the hate toward the unique.

Stop all the lies that left me in a heap.

Different we may be, but you must not forget that we’re human ,too.

When you beg to differ, you become the real monsters.

Look with not your eyes or your stereotypes but with the heart that sees all that is right.

Humanity is what we need, the fresh scent of equality.

Lacking as a group, maybe we could pull it together if we stopped with all of the shunning.

We the outcasts, can forgive you if you can leave your hypocritical ways behind.

In the end, aren’t we all special in our own little ways that make us shine?

Petty World

February 12, 2011

Once upon a land, there was a girl who looked at the world with a scowl on her face.

For, she had never seen anything worth a smile in it.

All she had ever known of it was men drunken off the looks of women, and women consumed in petty thoughts.

“Why should a world like this ever exist?” she thought.

One day she looked down to see a flower growing up between the cracks of the man’s walkway.

Even if it appeared to be only a weed, it still held a beauty of its own.

She then answered her own lingering question.

The world existed full of sins and hate so that the true beauty could shine through and lead the lost who are willing to look.

Put Down the Bottle

February 12, 2011

Put down the bottle and look at me.

Why must you unhinge your sobriety to feel better?

I am not enough to quench your thirst for humanity?

All the while, you will never find anything humane at the bottom of that bottle.

And even if it’s the only way you feel better, shouldn’t it matter that it only makes me feel worse?

Put the bottle down and look at me.

You don’t need it no matter how much you protest the opposite.

Forget the sin and use me as your supporting cane.

In the end, that bottle won’t bring you anything but pain.


February 9, 2011

My dreams love to fool me

They tell me I’m perfectly fine but I’m not

They tell me that I’m so wanted but I’m not

They tell me that you love me but you don’t

Dream like to trick me into thinking stupid things

Stupid things that will never happen

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