Yes, there is more

July 7, 2010

Under me I could feel a soft mattress and a warm blanket covering my body. Was all that really a dream? Could I be in my little church room, safe and unharmed? Then as I opened my eyes I realized, no, I wasn’t in my room, but in a strange new room. The walls were painted deep red and gold. And the bed I was in was soft and the blankets and sheets were soft and silky on my skin and the pillow felt like a cloud. The room I was in was like a palace. But this wasn’t a palace. This was some room near that horrid creature. I shuddered because I knew he was near but I had no idea where. I got up and slung my legs on the side of the bed. My black cloak, where is it? I had on the white shorts and green polo I was wearing but my cloak was missing. I jumped out of the bed and began looking in every nook and cranny for it. And then on the desk I saw a note on top of a pile of folded clothes. The note read, “I went ahead and got you some clean clothes to wear. So when you’ve changed just call for me and I’ll answer and questions you have, Melinda.” I tossed the note aside but still I didn’t completely dismiss it. I was curious about my. . . future. I put on the clothes he set aside for me and couldn’t help but feel a little happy to be wearing something nice for a change. The jeans he gave me were dark blue and had a pretty black floral pattern and the shirt was soft and a pretty grayish green. I tried running my hand through my bright red hair but my fingers got caught in a mess of tangles. Okay so I got changed, now what? I looked back at the note and smirked. So what was I supposed to call me him? Demon? I laughed as I thought of the things that I should call him. “What’s so funny?” I almost screamed when he said this. “Sorry, did I startle you?” he asked with that fake worry. How dare he pretend to care, I thought as I glared at him. “Oh please, not this again. If you’ll please just let me explain, I promise you you’ll understand.” he groaned. “Excuse me? Explain what? That I’m going to be lunch or just some stupid minion once you turn me?” I yelled.


Then suddenly, i felt the ground leave me.  He was picking me up as if i were a feather. I flipped my eyes open and opened my mouth to scream but a hand clamped over it. I still tried to scream though, but when it came out it was too muffled to be heard by anyone useful.  “Please, Melinda it would help if you were quiet.” he said in a voice that was very agitated.  In my mind I saw flashes of possible out comes if I didn’t obey. I let out a deep breath and stilled myself. As i did this, he removed his hand and adjusted me so I could look at his face. As I looked up at him, I’m sure my eyes showed nothing but pure hatred. “Now, why such a scary face?” he cooed.  I glared at the beast and I could feel as a growl built in my throat. Then, his face feel into a frown. He sighed as he continued to walk. As he looked forward, I couldn’t help but look at his weirdly blue eyes. I never really took time or well had the time to look at the eyes of vampires. However, I was always told that they had black or red eyes, eyes that screamed monstrosity and evil. His eyes though, I hated to say, but they were beautiful. It was a the kind of eyes that you could trust. . . I shook the ridiculous thought out of my head. No, there is no way in this world could this thing be trusted. He is a murder and nothing but that. I exhaled loudly as I found my world turning up-side down. “You keep staring at my eyes, why is that?” he asked.
What was I supposed to say? I don’t think ‘Oh, I was just wondering why a demon like you could have such beautiful eyes’ would really send the right message. So, in response, I let the built-up growl escape my lips. “Milly, please, could at least try to be pleasant?” he almost begged. Wait. Did he just call me Milly? Milly. I haven’t been called that in ages and I’m glad because it would bring up way too many memories. My eyes now practically slits, I growled, “Don’t you ever call me that, Ever.” His eyebrows furrowed and he shifted me so he was carrying me by only one arm. Then, he reached toward my face. I gasped and smacked his hand away. What was he doing? I tried to back away but once I again noticed that I was trapped in his hold, I stopped. His face once again took on a sad façade. He was so strange. This is so strange. This whole situation is strange. This day began as a race for life then I was attacked then I now I am in a vampires arms. Why? Why can’t he just kill me? I winced as all the shock and fear and pure madness hit me. My whole being was taken over by a shaky round of sobs. “Melinda, are you alright?” I cried even harder as he said my name. How does he know my name? Where is he taking me? Why won’t he kill me already? “Please just tell me what’s wrong.” he said softly. “Why won’t you just kill me?” I begged. He exhaled as said, “You don’t understand now, but you will.” “I don’t want to understand! I just want to go back.” I yelled. I shook my head as I wished this was all just a bad dream, but I was smarted than that. Suddenly, he again reached for my face and when I tried to stop him, well, I couldn’t. He curved his hand along my cheek and made me look at him. I tried to look away but I couldn’t as he looked directly into my eyes. They were warm and soft and inviting. All lies. But then as the seconds past I could feel my own eyes drooping and my body going limp as my head fell into a deep sleep. And as I finally began to lose consciousness, I could feel a hand smoothing my hair and a worried voice telling me that I was now safe.

Dream Continued. . .

July 7, 2010

“But there is no way to hide from what’s coming.” said the childish side of my mind.  I could only hope that if i keep pretending to sleep that it’ll go away.  However, i don’t think i’ll get that lucky. Then all i can hope is that it’s either a human or at least a monster with enough mercy to make it quick. So far tonight, though, hope hasn’t really worked.  Goodness, where’s God when you need him? The footsteps came closer and louder. I began to shake, not just from fear but also from the chilly gust of wind.  In all my life I’d never have thought or knew that anticipation could be this. . . horrible.  My breath stopped as the footsteps were right in front of me.  Automatically my muscles tightened and my senses sharpened. “Run, run for your life.” said the rational part of me. But i knew that if i took off running that my illusion of sleeping would fail and there’s no way in heaven that i could out run the thing that’s standing in front of me.”She did just as i asked, stayed in that same exact place. I knew she was smart.” It was him! The demon, he did this to me. Oh i am so going to make him pay. Wait no, no, no i can’t do anything. If i try anything who knows what will happen to me. Again, i focused on looking as asleep as possible.  I manage to loosen my muscles but that’s the best i can do. “Melinda, I’m afraid i might have to wake you up.” the scum whispered to me as if he almost had a heart. Suddenly, i could feel soft breathe against my cheek and hear the slight crackle of denim.   Wait, how did he know my name? That’s just way too weird, then again vampires being real is kind of weird. Then suddenly, i felt the ground leave me.  He was picking me up as if i were a feather. I flipped my eyes open and opened my mouth to scream but a hand clamped over it. I still tried to scream though, but when it came out it was too muffled to be heard by anyone useful.  “Please, Melinda it would help if you were quiet.” he said in a voice that was very agitated.  In my mind i saw flashes of possible out comes if i didn’t obey. I let out a deep breath and stilled myself. As i did this, he removed his hand and adjusted me so i could look at his face.

Dream Inspired

June 26, 2010

Since I can remember, the only choices of life were to be with the way of faith or fall into the depths of immortality and loose your soul. I choose to follow God on my journey of life. However, that may all change, because the immortals, vampires are coming for us. This happens every other year that the vampires chase us down and turn us into them. And all we can do is run and pray for dear lord.

Today might be my last day as a human. Tonight they come for us. On this day every year everyone says their goodbyes and prepares for the worst to come. I simply just don’t speak. It will be less painful if people last remembered me smiling and not crying with pain and fear.

Now, I sit in a back room reading the bible for, maybe the last time. I sigh as the pages and words come to an end. I lay it next to me on the tan couch and breathe in the warm smell coming from the fire in front of me.

I began to think, well pray, that if a vampire were to catch me that hopefully they would just kill me and save me the burden of knowing that I could be doing that to someone in the near future. I shake my head as tears stream down my checks once again.

I remember hearing stories about a time when vampires were just an awful myth, a false rumor or tale to everyone’s mind. People used to make movies, books and even dress up as them on Halloween. But those days of care free thoughts of them are over because these days, vampires now run your life in a downward spiral.

There is no comfort left in this day except for the thought of waking up the next day in my little church room. I sigh as I glance up at the clock and watch as the hands tick away to my doom. Five minutes, that’s how much time I have left.

The time seemed to pass in a blink of an eye because now, I’m standing at the front of the church and readying myself to run to the other church, a few miles away. Through the open field to the woods, that’s the first part I need to get through.

In the beginning, it wasn’t quite like this. It started as a surprise visit by the vampires, but over the years it turned into more of a game, kind of like jacks. I’m a jack and the vampires are trying to catch and turn as many people as possible. And no one is safe until you reach the next church. In the past, some have tried to just stay in the first church and not leave until the vampires were gone. But that doesn’t work because they burn the church as a sign of abandonment. Once it’s burning, neither of our kind can go to it. Nowadays, the churches stands in a large field surrounded by forest, worked out to be like a game board with the forest being an obstical and the vampires, the danger.

Dong, dong, the church bells toil out the start of the game. I can feel their chilling presence as they seem to edge closer. Just as the last of twelve dongs ring, I pull my black hood tight over my head and begin to run.

My feet and mind work as close partners as I run straight toward the woods and out of the major danger zone. I need to get there so I’ll be surrounded by weapons against them.

My feet ache and my heart beats uncontrollably. I wonder who’s out already. Out of the field or out of humanity. I don’t worry much because as a precaution, I’ve never gotten close to anyone, not even my family.

Just beside me I can hear screams. I almost, by instinct, want to stop and help, almost. I continue to run oblivious to the things around me. I can only think about my survival now because any hesitation at all could mean my end.

I’m almost there, almost to somewhat safety. If I get to the forest then I have about an hour until the vampires start hunting there. The trees were only a few yards from my feet and I was closing that distance step by step.

I shivered as a gust of wind pulled on my hood and hair. Then a scream broke out that seemed so close to me that it could have been my own. In a moment I realized that scream was mind and that cold gust of wind was a pair of inhuman hands.

Before I could react anymore, I could feel a pressure on my neck and then a stinging pain. This is it, I thought. Goodbye God, family, and humanity. My eyes stinged too, but with tears.

I could feel the cold hands leave me and I took that as I cue to run. My heart beat even faster now and my mind moved in a blur. There is no hope left for me now, I thought. Suddenly, something gripped one of my flailing wrists and turned me around.

Oh no, it‘s not over, he has more in plan for me than I thought. I screamed once again and begged for him to make it quick in a mass of hysterics. He pushed me onto my knees and brushed my hair back, exposing the wound he caused.

Stay very still, don’t move even an inch.” he warned.

I shook with sobs and kept my head down. “Please, kill me now.” I begged.

He shook his head and demanded once again, “Don’t move.” In a graceful twirl he turned around and just before he took off running, he turned his head toward me and looked down at me, with strangely blue eyes. “I’ll be back for you.” Then he was gone just as fast as he said his dreadful promise.

What was I supposed to do now? If I began to run again I could be captured once again and it could be worse. But if I did as he said then I would be seen as an already victim, no one else would attack me. However, If I did stay still, then he would come back for me, with nowhere for me to hide, and well. . . I don’t know what will happen after that. I only have two decisions and each has way more cons than pros.

I squeezed my eyes shut tighter and stayed as still as a tree. I could feel as the chill of a deep night brushed against my eyelids. Without opening my eyes I knew that I was probably the only alive thing out in the field. Vampires usually take their recruits and late night snacks with them. Slowly I opened my eyes and looked at the church which was now just a pile of ruble that still burned slightly.

I breathed in and out slowly as I concentrated on not looking at the ground. There is nowhere to go now, not even the woods. By now, it’s bound to be crawling with monsters other than the boogeyman.

My eyelids began to droop as the night became darker. I was sure that I was alone and that I was in no danger of being killed right here. I laid my head against the soft grass and listened to the soundtrack of September animals and weather.

All thoughts of sleep were interrupted though, when I heard footsteps. I groaned mentally because all I wanted to do right now was sleep, which I haven’t done in about three days.

The steps came closer and I became more scared than irritated.  My heart pounded and i was beginning to mentally freak out. I didn’t let it show though. I causality and calmly turned until my hood fell over my head and hid my identity.

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