Out of Body Experiances

October 1, 2011

At my stop, I walked to the front of the bus just like any other day and laughed once more at a joke that was told to me only moments before. Doing my best to not trip, I carefully trotted down the steps of the bus and turned toward the general direction of my house. It was a nice day, sunny with a light breeze. I almost expected for birds to chirp in unison and the sun to smile down at me.
After only a few steps, I noticed something odd. I suddenly got this eerie feeling as I noticed a boy walking out of the alleyway that was connected to my street. He didn’t look, I don’t know, menacing or suspicious, aside from the fact that he was wearing a bulky black winter coat near the end of spring. But then again, some people just make weird fashion choices. I mean I have a preference for brightly colored socks.
I didn’t get a chance to really see his face though, because I stopped short when I saw the gun he held in his shaking hands. I gasped as the world stood still, consumed only in my pure moment of fear. Not knowing what to do, I raised my hands above my head and stared back at his haunted expression with tear filled eyes. Before a word of compromise could escape my lips, my ears began to ring. I gasped once more as I fell to the ground.


One Response to “Out of Body Experiances”

  1. jellywaffle Says:

    Hi, Kat! I have hacked you, and now I shall put a reassuring comment!

    -reads- I LOVE IT! 😀 ~ ❤
    Love you, Kat!


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