Half Dead~ part 3

August 19, 2011

So Iven and I headed back over to the apartment complex of a safe haven that Iven lived at, and I gathered up my stuff, well, the few things I had. Most of it was clothes, mixed in with a few things I picked up over in China Town. I had a soft spot for cats and cute things.

As I packed, every once in a while, I would look over at Iven, to see if he looked worried, but he seemed to be pretty happy. Devon had said he didn’t mind at all if he stopped in to check on me, which made Iven happy. And I guess it helped that I would be safe and constantly looked after. . . . I think Iven let Devon aware of my um suicide attempts because Devon had promised him that I would be constantly supervised.

Oh well, doesn’t matter to me as long as Devon helps me put together the puzzle that is my life and Alex stays away from me.


Having decided to stay one more night at the safe haven, I started toward the shop early the next morning. Since I was so busy yesterday, the pain and urges didn’t really hit me as hard, but ever since this morning, my stomach has been churning and I ache all over.

The weird thing is, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this bad before, but today, it even hurts to walk. Each step I take only makes the pains inside me grow.

As I finally reached the door of the shop, I felt as relief rushed over me. I stumbled through the door, and listened as it chimed a welcome. I noticed though, everything was a tad bit blurry, and I couldn’t really concentrate on any one person or thing.

“Devon. . “ I called weakly. It was finally getting to me, not drinking any blood. Like I had thought, my stubbornness was going to kill me. I groaned as another wave of pain rolled through me. Clutching my stomach, I slid down against the wall, toward the floor, having found standing unbearable.

I must have made a loud bang when I slid down, because I suddenly found the eyes of every customer in the store staring at me. The shop was a lot busier than I had noticed before. I closed my eyes, trying to focus on not throwing up on the wooden floor.

I could still hear though, as gasps and surprised sounds filled the air. Then someone, who sounded a lot like Devon, called out the name Alexander. Goodness, why would anyone need that awful man? Oh wait, I probably do. . .

“Oh Lordy, Charlie, you okay?” Chuckled Alex. Still, I could have sworn I heard a tad bit of worry in his voice, then again, I could be just hallucinating.

Still too nauseous to speak, I just groaned and lolled my head to the side.

I felt then, as one hand was placed under my knees, and the other on the back of my neck. I admittedly tensed up as I remembered the last time he touched my neck.

“Don’t fret, girly, I ain’t gonna hurt you.” he whispered. I didn’t trust him though, and I guess he sensed that. “I promise you, I’m not gonna hurt you, okay? I know you ain’t no threat to anyone.”I relaxed, and let him gently lift me up.

As Alex carried me, I curled up, and rested my head on his chest as I still focused on not throwing up. I hated the thought, though, of him touching me. And I didn’t like the fact either that he was, at the moment, my knight in shining armor. It’s not like I have much of a choice though. Devon has to keep everyone calm and run the shop, and Alex is the only other one who could possibly know what’s wrong with me, that I know of.

Stopping just in front of the door to the apartment, Alex turned around and asked Devon, “Where do you want me to put her? The guest room still isn’t set up yet.”

“Can’t you just lay her in your room? I still have stuff laid out on my bed.”

Alex let out a little huff, but he didn’t argue. Seeming a little irritated, he swung the door open, and as he walked through, he hit my feet on the side of the door.

“Ow! You said you wouldn’t hurt me.” I whined.

“That don’t count.” he smirked as he closed the door behind us.

I groaned at him, and hoped he would put me down soon. The world still seemed to spin around me, and it was still hard to see. To put it in simpler terms, I was miserable.

We then came to a door, which I guessed was his room. Using his foot, he opened the adjured door.

I swallowed hard then, as a cold sweat came over me. I wasn’t feeling any better and I knew that I was only going to get worse.

Then, I heard the sound of rustling sheets and felt pure relief as Alex finally set me down on his bed.

“You alright, Charlie? Because I must say, you don’t look too good.” Alex asked as he squatted down and rested his folded arms and head on the edge of the bed

I turned my head and glared at him, or well I hope I was glaring at him and not a dresser. I tried to keep the glare up, but the queasiness and headaches took over me. I rolled over and wrapped my arms my stomach, hoping that the pain would just magically go away. . . Darn it, where’s Devon when I need him.

I shut my eyes tight and tried to keep my breathing even as I mumbled, “Alex, I need you. . . to go get . . . Devon, okay? I’m in a lot of.. . “ I tried to finish my sentence, but I broke out into a sound of agony.

“Okay, Charlie, I’ma go get Devon. Just stay calm, okay? I’ll be right back.” He said in a panic.

I tried to nod in response, but even the slightest movement sent a new wave of pain and nausea through me. So I just listened as he jogged away. It was the only thing I could do to keep from screaming.

What seemed like hours later, I heard as a two pairs of feet came my way. I opened my eyes, to find two blurry figures kneeling by my bed.

“Charlie, I need you to tell what’s wrong so I can help you. Now, let’s start off with you telling me what hurts.” Devon said slowly, as if he was making sure I kept record of every word he was saying.

I took a deep breath and hissed through my teeth, “Everything! Everything hurts because I won’t do it, I just won’t do it.”

“Do what, Charlie, what won’t you do?” Devon questioned.

I couldn’t answer though, the pain was just too much. So I just squeezed my eyes shut, trying to make all of the pain go away.

Suddenly, though, I felt as someone forcefully grabbed onto my upper arms and turning up so I faced upward.

“Alex! Calm down!” I heard Devon yell.

“ Darn it, Devon! I ain’t gonna let another one die! Charlie, tell us what you can’t do, or so help me. . .”

I whimpered as I tried to gather the strength to speak. “ Blood, I won’t drink blood!”

Gently, Alex removed his hands from my arms. I relaxed then, knowing that now Devon would make all of the pain go away.

“It doesn’t make sense. . . “ Devon whispered.

“Devon, you know what’s wrong with her, now, fix her!” Alex yelled at him.

I couldn’t understand anything after that because I was too busy fighting back the pain. This all was just too much. I don’t really remember my human life, but I was sure I had never felt this much pain. Ever. I would have thought by now I’d have blacked out from all of this and gone into some dark, dream like state. But of course, I couldn’t be that lucky

Through all of my misery, I started to noticed as it started to all dull down. It was getting easier to breathe, and even move, I learned as I rolled over. However, I also noticed, I was really sleepy, all of a sudden. At the moment, I nap didn’t sound too bad. . .


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