Half Dead~ part 2

August 14, 2011

Behind me, I heard as the door chimed as someone walked in. “Howdy there, Devon. Got anything interesting for me today?” said the guy with a deep southern tone.
Devon walked over to the guy, and I turned about, my eyes following Devon. Well, this guy picked a really bad time to come here. Luckily, I wasn’t on fire anymore.
Turning my attention toward both of them, I noticed the guy looking at me funny.
“Can I help you with something?” I asked, a little peezed.
The guy then took hold of Devon’s shoulders and yelled, “Devon, run!”
Having no clue why he was supposed to run, Devon looked at him and replied, “And why would I do that, Alex?”
“That girl there,” He rushed, pointing to me,”she’s a’ demon! And not the nice kind that waiter’s at Denny’s.”
Having being completely peezed off, I looked over at mister redneck, and growled, “It’s already been established that I’m a demon, heck, that’s why I came here, to find out what I am. And if you’ll please excuse me, I’m going to go jump off a bridge again, and see if it’ll work this time.”
Not even having the courtesy to answer, he just glared at me, and made the quick action of pushing Devon aside as he came right at. . . . . Oh crap. . .
I turned around, trying to run away from the psycho redneck. But before I could move far enough away, I felt as the hick crashed right into me, knocking my head hardly against the wooden floors of the shop. Having been sprawled across the floor on my stomach, I looked over at my hands to see them flaming once again. That REALLY was going to take time to get used to.
Before I could use my hands as a weapon, I felt as the guy placed one hand on my chin, the other on the back of my head, and then gave it a sharp twist.
Then, everything went a little hazy. . .

I woke up, not open my eyes woke up, but I became conscious of the world around me. I yawned, stretched, and rolled over as I pulled the blanket closer around me. I felt colder than usual, and man, my head hurt really bad.
And it wasn’t just one spot that hurt, like a regular headache, but from the crown of my head, all the way to the base of my neck. . .
Suddenly, the events of yesterday rushed into my mind. That guy, he had snapped my neck! He had killed me! Or well, did something that would kill anyone else. . . but I mean, he had really tried to kill me!
I snapped up into a sitting position, and scanned the walls around me. They were painted this weird, shiny, purplish, shade of blue. In any other situation, I would of admired the lovely colored and decorated room, but this was not a good situation. I had no clue where I was, and well, that didn’t make me very happy, not to mention I wasn’t much of a morning person.
I pushed the covers off me and swung my legs to the side of the bed. Stepping down, I moved toward the door with dedication. Turning the glass knob, I found it to be unlocked. Well, so far, so good.
Silently, I crept down the hallway, hoping that I’ll be able to leave without anyone noticing me. Making my way into a room that seemed to be somewhat like a dining room, that was separated from the kitchen only by a granite table-top bar with matching stools. I peeked around a corner, and caught site of a door. Putting my back against the wall, I slowly slide toward my freedom.
“Trying to ninja, there, girlie?” Chuckled a dead man.
I turned toward him, and my hands reached protectively around my neck. “I’m going to kill you!” I hissed at him.
Not feeling threatened at all, he just laughed at me. “ Okay, you have with that.” And then he winked at me. Really? Goodness, what was up with men these days?
Suddenly I felt as someone slipped their hand onto my shoulder. I screamed and swiftly turned and pushed the fiend away.
“Dear Hazelwood, Alex. Now you got here thinking everyone is out to kill her. I hope your proud of yourself.” Devon chastised the southerner named Alex.
Obviously feeling no shame at all, Alex snorted and headed into the kitchen.
Turning his attention back to me, Devon gently asked, “ I’m so sorry about him, he’s a little paranoid. When him and I first met, he tried to kill me too, luckily, I was able to stop him before he tried to snap my neck. Good thing for you, that your not very easy to kill. . . “ The atmosphere turned awkward, and for a few moments we didn’t speak. Devon, however, broke the silence. “ Iven should be here soon, your friend who sent you here. Late yesterday, he had called and was wondering franticly where you were, so I assured him you were in good hands. I thought it would be best to let you rest and recover before you left.”
Not really knowing if a answer was needed, I just nodded and stood there.
Running his fingers nervously through his hair, Devon suggested that we go and sit at the table. I accepted the offer, and followed behind him to the table.  I sat across from him at the little rectangle table and put my hands in my lap.
Still throughly mad at him, I kept glaring over at Alex, waiting for a moment of weakness so I could attack him. However, as he moved around the kitchen, and smirked back at me, he always kept up a strong stance.
Alex was pretty tall and looked pretty tough. He looked scruffy though, with his long dirty blonde  hair and farmers tan. I have to say though, he pulled it off. I haven’t figured out what he was yet, though. He dressed pretty normally, with a pair of worn light blue jeans and a exposed muscle shirt under a flannel long-sleeved shirt.
Devon looked pretty human too, with his dark shaggy hair and olive toned skin. He just seemed to have a fondness for dark colored clothes, not that he looked gothic or anything.
The one thing they had in common though, was they all looked. . . good. Iven, included. Iven liked to wear natural colors and had brown short-trimmed hair.
“Devon!” Speak of the devil.
“We’re back here, Iven.” Devon yelled back.
I heard as Iven’s feet stomped against the wooden floors as he rushed toward us. I stood up, and walked toward the entrance from the shop to the living space. I breathed a sigh of relief as I watched Iven swing open the door.
“Charlie.” He breathed. Hurrying toward me, he wrapped his arms around me in a strong embrace.
Pushing him away a little, I gently hugged him back. “Hey, Iven.”
“Oh my god, are you alright, did they hurt you?” He questioned as he put his hands on either side of my face. Iven had no problem with saying that estranged word. . .
“Iven really? I told you, she’s perfectly fine.” Devon reassured him.
Perfectly fine? Someone’s suffering from memory loss. Breaking away from Iven’s hug, I took a step toward Devon.  “Excuse me? Did you forget how that. . Thing broke my neck?” I yelled accusingly as I gestured over at Alex.
“He did what?” Iven asked, clearly outraged. “Devon, how did you forget to mention that. Jesus Christ, Devon, how could you let him do that?”
“Hey! I did that on my own free will!” Alex interrupted with his stupid country accent.
“Okay, okay,” Devon sighed, “Let’s all just sit at the table and talk this over. Calmly!”
And so we all sat around the table, me between Iven and Alex, with Devon across from me.
Picking up a strand of my hair between his fingers gently, Alex smirked, “So is this hair of your’s naturally black?”
I slapped his hand away. “Don’t touch me, you filthy parasite. And for your information, yes, it is natural, thank you very much.” I retorted.
Alex only chuckled and turned back to the toast, bacon, and eggs he had whipped up. He had offered me some too, but I just nibbled off of Iven’s plate.
“Can we just get down to business already? I really don’t like being around this creep?” Iven said as he jabbed his thumb toward Alex.
Instead of being offended, Alex just chuckled. Goodness, and I thought Iven was bad at first.
“Calm down, Iven” Devon muttered.
“Yeah, Iven, don’t get your panties in a twist.”
I swear to. . .whatever, that I’m going to kill Alex if it’s the last thing I do. I mean, goodness gracious, I didn’t know one person could not only be so lethal, but be so incredibly obnoxious.
Iven glanced angrily over at Alex, and put his head ontop of his folded hands and began. “Charlie being such a high ranking and rare demon, I’m afraid that others will soon come after her and try to take her and use her for her great potential. The best, I would think, is for her to stay here since the outer walls of the shop and apartment are sealed by a protective barrier.”
“Wait,” I interrupted,”then how was I able to get in?”
“You see, the barrier protects us from those who come here for evil or bad intentions. Your intentions, however, were simple and anything but bad.” Devon explained. “But any who, that’s what I would suggest for Charlie. I don’t know of any other place that would be strong enough to protect her.
I looked back over at Iven, to see his reaction, but he just gave me a look that told me that it was up to me.
“I don’t know. . .” I mumbled.
“If you stayed here Charlie, I could help you figure out who you are. Not only that, but we could figure out all of your ‘powers’ and I could help you control them.” Devon baited me.
And of course, I took it. I mean come on, how could I pass up on a offer like that. I scanned Iven’s face, looking for any sign that I should decline the offer but found none, so I looked back over at Devon, and nodded.
Looking like he was about to jump for joy, Devon took my hand and said, “Oh, this is going to be such a wonderful learning opportunity for both you and me!”
Having not been apart of the discussion before, I was surprised when Alex spoke. “Now you’ll get your change to kill me, girly.”
“What?” Oh my goodness, how did he know that!
“Oh don’t act all innocent, you’ve had revenge written all over your face this entire morning.” Alex laughed.
Forgetting the surprise of his words, I figured this means that he either lives here, or comes around frequently, either way I don’t care. I’m not going to let him stand in my way of finding out what I am capable of.
Standing up from the table, Iven announced a little wearily, “Well, I guess it’s settled then. Charlie, will stay here, but don’t worry,” He looked over at me and smiled, “I’ll come check up on her.”


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