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June 30, 2011

If I wanted, I could hire someone to find it for me, there are plenty of people who would be more than willing to resume where my dad left off. And it’s no secret that I have the funds to do it. My dad had left me everything he owned. His home, his cars, his shares and stocks, and his money.

Not that I really care. To be honest, most of it will end up just staying the way it is. I’ll probably move into his house, so no one will touch any of his things. And I’ll leave most of the money and stock market stuff alone. I mean, if for some odd reason, I need some extra money, I might borrow some of what he left me, but I’ll just end up replacing it, as if it was never gone.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done for the past five years. I know what your thinking, why hadn’t I started looking earlier for the book? Well, I first had to finish school, and then go to college. Plus, Jared Turner, a trusted friend of my dad’s that took me in after that horrible event, wouldn’t let me. Plain and simple, he thought I was too weak “for the biz” and wouldn’t even let me leave the country, much less live by myself.

He knew how much I wanted, no needed, to continue my dad’s work so he made a promise to me. On my twenty-th birthday, his gift to me would be total ownership to everything my dad had left me. I mean, it was rightfully (and partially) mine in the first place, but you can’t really leave a fifteen year old a sixteen acre house and a billion dollars. . . . .

Having only lived in my dad’s house alone for a month, I hate it. The house is too big and every sound I make echo’s and it freaks me out. Still, I have to keep it. That’s the only way it’ll be able to stay frozen in time.

Lately, I’ve hadn’t had a lot to do, so I ended up sitting in his old office, thinking. I realized, that even though my dad wasn’t there for me as much as I’d liked, he was still my dad. And the time that we did spend together, I remember always being happy. . . except for when he had to go on another one of his “adventures”, as he called it. I loved him so much. That’s why I can’t bear for anything, any of this to change. Because, I hope, that maybe if I leave everything the way they are, I’ll wake up. This will all turn out to be just a dream.


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