Summer Novel Project~ Searching

June 24, 2011

So I’ve finally decided on what I’m going to write about for my voluntary summer novel project. Inspired by my short scene of a story, Treasures of The Heart, I’ve decided to take the treasuring hunting and daddy issues and transform it into a full-blown novel. I’m going to be publishing/ posting it a typed page at a time. However, it most likely will not be put up on the website the day it is written. This time, I’m actually having a friend of mine review it and edit it for me. Also, to keep things orderly, I’m going to number each of the pages in case I accidentally publish them in the wrong order, so just know that each “page” is one typed page long. I’m not going to do chapters really, for I just really want to see how far I can take the story and later, if and when I finish writing the story, I’ll go back and edit it so it would be like any book you would buy from a store. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think or any suggestions you have. And if you find any, comment on the typos you find. Don’t hesitate to get involved and share you input.




Wish me luck,



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