Treasures of The Heart (See post “Gordon Korman”)

June 7, 2011

Pulling back my hair into a ponytail, I couldn’t help but shiver as I thought of what could be down there. My father had spent his whole life trying to find that stupid book and I wasn’t about to let it go all to waste. He never really told me why he to get that book, but I remember one night, as a little girl, that he was tucking me in as he kissed me goodbye for the week and I asked him, “Why do you have to leave again?” I remember hearing as he let his breath out in a shallow sigh. “Cleo, I have to find it, even if it’s the last thing I do.” That had hurt me so much, thinking that, that stupid, old book meant more to him than me. But I know, that I have to do this. Taking in a final breath, I prepared to dive, to find the Egyptian Book of The Dead. As soon as my hands began cutting through the water, I froze. It was incredibly cold and well, terrifying. The water was dark and murky and I couldn’t see over a foot in front of me through my goggles. I kept moving though, as blind as I felt. All of the leads I had worked so hard to get pointed to this one, single, cave. Looking up, I saw the gentle glow of light. Even though my body resisted, I swam faster. Brighter and brighter, the water above me became. Finally, I reached the surface. I slipped off my scuba gear, but left my diving suit on. I opened it though, and took out the bag I had hidden underneath. I slipped on my glasses and slowly began moving forward. I groped the wall around me, to get a better feel of where I was going. It was still pretty dark, though. Suddenly, I heard something like a shallow breathe behind. . .


My ears rang and my head felt as if it had been cracked open. I curled in my legs and gently raised my head. Covering my mouth, I held back a scream as I stared at three gangly men that stood before me. They began talking, but unfortunately, I didn’t speak Russian. My first thought, though, I was getting out of here. Quickly, I took in account of the things around me, including my loosely tied hands and legs. I watched as one of the men walked down a forked trail, and called down another man. I took in a deep breathe, and ran. Not looking back, I ran down the opposite trail of the others. My head throbbed and screamed at every move I made. I kept moving, though. Up ahead, I saw the water. Laying on the ground, I saw my bag. I picked it up in a swift movement and cuddled it in my arms. I dove into the icy water, not thinking about anything but my own wellbeing. My legs kicked as hard as humanly possible and my free arm did all that it could to push me forward. There it was, the light of a closing day. I felt my poor shrunken heart beat faster than ever as my head touched the twilight air. I gasped and thanked my lucked stars as I climbed out of the water.


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