Gordon Korman (See post “Treasures of The Heart”)

June 7, 2011

A few months ago, I met Gordon Korman. He had come to my school and held a writing workshop for a select few students. And as I hoped, I was one of the lucky few. He had explained how to start writing an adventure book, from what went wrong, to how to fix it. We each choose a topic or idea that could be considered “adventurous”. I came up with the idea of a historical, architectural treasure hunter . . . with daddy issues. I had written three handwritten pages, which wasn’t as much as you think , for I have really bad and big handwriting (That’s why I type my writing when I get the chance). So then, I got the grand chance to read my story out loud, to this best-selling young adult author. I stuttered at first, but I quickly got hold of my nerves and was able to clearly read my “story” out loud to him. He complemented me on my use of details and a few other things I sadly can’t remember, but all I knew was that I was incredibly happy. Later that day, (okay, like ten minutes later) one of my teachers mentioned to me that he had said to her that he thought I had great potential of becoming a novelist. This was a monumental moment in my life, for I felt this was a step toward my dream of becoming a novelist.


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