Put Down the Bottle

February 12, 2011

Put down the bottle and look at me.

Why must you unhinge your sobriety to feel better?

I am not enough to quench your thirst for humanity?

All the while, you will never find anything humane at the bottom of that bottle.

And even if it’s the only way you feel better, shouldn’t it matter that it only makes me feel worse?

Put the bottle down and look at me.

You don’t need it no matter how much you protest the opposite.

Forget the sin and use me as your supporting cane.

In the end, that bottle won’t bring you anything but pain.


4 Responses to “Put Down the Bottle”

  1. sharmishtha Says:


    you said it so beautifully, to the point. bravo!

    hope its heard and followed. awesome poem.

  2. jellywaffle Says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, and I hope that this poem can inspire some people to “put the bottle down”.

  3. Alexys Says:

    I love you, Kat. I really like the poem, it’s beautiful ❤

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