Book rewards: Mockingjay

January 10, 2011

I was looking at this book award list thing and i was kinda surprised Mockingjay won so many awards. . . I mean yeah, it was a good book but I felt strongly that there were plenty of other books that surpassed it. As a whole, (series wise) I thought Mockingjay really lacked as it left quite a few strings hanging and the details were way off in how Katniss really began to lose her identity and really it more seemed that she was more of an melodramatic character than an actual personally laid out character. So in all, That kinda disappointed me. . . . . . .maybe people just don’t analyze the books they read these days as much as they should or maybe, authors are just taking the easy way out. . . . .


Let’s hope that next year books are taken more seriously,meanwhile, still captivating the minds of the young and old.


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