Mr. Troposhere

January 2, 2011

In our everyday lives, we constantly release pollutants into the air.  And bit-by-bit, we are destroying our ozone layer which is vital to protect for future generations.  What this world needs is a hero.  One day the world found one.

            Three days ago, Carter Troops was an average boy.  Average school.  Average parents.  Average everyday teenage problems.  And, then, one single disaster changed everything for him and those around him. 

            The sky was ominous and rain poured from  it as if the intent was to wash the world away.  Lightning flashed through the windows and loud claps of thunder shook the house.  As one more flash of lightning lit up the house, the lights went out and all were left in the dark.  Desperate gasps filled the  air.

            “Carter. . .” his mom whispered.

            “Oh yeah, umm sorry. I’ll go get some flashlights, okay?”  he said, a little dazed.

            She put a light hand on his shoulder and mumbled a thank you.

            Carter felt along the wall and stopped at the useless light switch and tested it out of habit. He then walked slowly and carefully toward the front door. Slowly, he reached toward the doorknob and blinked as moonlight shattered the pitch black darkness and raindrops tangled in his eyelashes. He reached for a coat off the coat-hook and slipped it on carefully.

            The rain outside was vicious and the lighting seemed to a little too close for comfort. He tried his best to avoid puddles and large areas of mud but his bare feet still ended up feeling frozen and dirty after the first few yards.

            The rain beaded against him even harder and he picked up his past. The water and earth crept up his pant legs and his clothes seemed to be plastered to his body. 

            Suddenly, thunder roared in his ears louder than ever and lighting blinded him in a haze of white. He shook it off and closed the last feet between him and the shed. He reached toward the shed door-handle and listened as thunder exploded right next to his weakening self and then, the lighting hit.

            Carter knew it was going to hit him the minute he heard the horribly loud thunder. The lighting raced up his spine and filled his body with a tingling sense. In a span of seconds, that felt like eternity, he fell to the ground and slowly watched as his entire world blacked out before him.

            He woke up to a pain that rocked his entire being but was gone as soon as it came. Slowly, Carter sat up and rubbed his head. Opening his eyes, he got the surprise of his life. Carter was sitting in a huge crater that was streaked with black.

            Then the strangest feeling ever seemed to engulf him. He started to clench his hands but stopped, in shock, as he saw a ball of water suddenly form in hand. The water barely brushed against his surprisingly unmarred hands and it seemed as if the water was pulled from the air itself.

            Carter took in a shaky breath and scrambled to his feet as he released the liquid from his hands. “No, no, no. . .” he thought. “That’s not possible. I mean first of all, I should be dead. . But now, I can pull the water vapor out of the air around?”

            Everything sane around him seemed be slowly melting away as he felt deep inside, that he wasn’t dreaming or imagining this. . .it was really happening.

            Cautiously, he once again began to close his hands and watched as water collected in them.

He looked down at the spheres of water and concentrated on it as he drew his fingers in more. The water then became soft, cold snow, then burning cold hail.

            He gasped and threw down the hail. He wiped his hand on his pants, expecting them to be wet and clammy, but they were basically bone dry.  “Oh my go. . .” he whispered as the life he once knew drifted out of his reach forever.


            Oh, but this wasn’t the end for Carter Troops’ new heroic life. This was only the beginning. He would later find out that not only could he grasp the different stages of weather, but he could also project it into the sky over a certain area to save the world from drought, floods, and other natural disasters.  Hopefully, sooner than later, he will learn to control the gases, both deadly and life-saving, in the very air and space that he has become.

            He would meet the one person every superhero needs, an arch nemesis, perhaps the first of many.  And as he grows into a man, maybe, just maybe, he will learn to be the hero that this world truly needs. Mr.Troposphere.


One Response to “Mr. Troposhere”

  1. jellywaffle Says:

    I had to write this for Science XD

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