New years Day Revolution

January 1, 2011

As most conscious people know, today is New Years and that means it’s a time for change and improvement. So, this year one of my revolutions is to finally finish a book. I mean, I try to write whenever I’m inspired to, but lately school has been kinda hectic so I’m going to have to spend most of my free time now trying to finish one of the many books I started. . . . . .By the way, which book do y’all think i should finish? I was thinking about either starting a new book or trying to finish the Life sucks, then what? books about Haven and Carter. . . so yeah. . .

Well happy New Years and let’s just all hope this year doesn’t suck too much.


2 Responses to “New years Day Revolution”

  1. kit13 Says:

    Jax. You need to finish Jax. And you stole my resolution. Although doubt I’m actually going to be able to do it. I’ll have to try, though. But’s pretty draining. But yeah. If you finish Jax I’ll finish Catching Roses. After I come out of this writer’s block stumb.

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