Haven’s words

December 31, 2010

” I obsess over people. I just cling to anyone who’s shown a liking toward me and I like them at all back. But sometimes, it just seems that I hold onto them so tightly, that they begin to just run away me. . That’s why I don’t get close to people. Sometimes I’m even afraid that you will go. I’m afraid of the thought that someday, I’ll be all alone. I mean, I used to have Julienne  right by my side every minute of the day. . . . before, well you know.  I’m scared, Carter. I really am. ” Haven spoke softly as she began to break down.


3 Responses to “Haven’s words”

  1. kit13 Says:

    Awesome, Kat. Truly awesome.

  2. kit13 Says:

    Hey I posted chapt. 5. And no, no scary Charlie in it this time.

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