What came first: The chicken or the egg?

November 14, 2010

Unsurprisingly, I was reading a book and I came upon the phrase, “The chicken or the egg, which came first?” I then began to think, which one did come first? This is a known question because of it’s mysterious reputation about being unsolvable.

I first thought, well couldn’t that question apply to any living thing? I then answered my own question with a “yes”, because the question about the chicken and the egg is basically just a more common way of saying,”Did mammals or other living creatures start out as babies, cubs, or hatchings, or did we start out as already grown and possessing common sense?”

After processing this, I thought about the little I knew about the Bible and it’s stories. I remembered that Adam and Eve were the first humans/mortals on earth.  It said how Adam and Eve were adults, so then my own theory started to be answered. The chicken would’ve had to come first since, it would be an adult or grown.

However, it could be argued that the egg came first because, without being children first, we would be unable to process simple things because we would be unable to relate those things to childhood memories. If we didn’t start out as children first, then how could we possibly mature and increase our total intelligence?

There are many theories other than my own, but those would be my best arguments for both sides of the impossible question, Did the chicken or the egg come first.



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