Silent Thoughts

November 14, 2010

When the sky seems to be so clear, you bring the gray cloud that darkens my small helpless sky.

Truth is a foreign language to you and lies is the only verse you seem to be able to remember.

Words are just a story to you and you can find no painful reality in them.

Mistakes are like crimes to you and are punishable by words that might as well be death.

Hurt is something you can not see in those you should, you only see it in yourself and strangers.

Silence to you means that there is nothing left to say, when it really means for you to listen.

Listening to you is just some taboo that should never be done.

I am nothing more than a player in the game you call your bitter life.




3 Responses to “Silent Thoughts”

  1. kit13 Says:

    Amen, kat.

  2. kit13 Says:

    And so beautiful.

  3. Alexys Says:

    That is beautiful, Kat. Now I know exactly why I call you my little writer ^^

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