Yes, there is more

July 7, 2010

Under me I could feel a soft mattress and a warm blanket covering my body. Was all that really a dream? Could I be in my little church room, safe and unharmed? Then as I opened my eyes I realized, no, I wasn’t in my room, but in a strange new room. The walls were painted deep red and gold. And the bed I was in was soft and the blankets and sheets were soft and silky on my skin and the pillow felt like a cloud. The room I was in was like a palace. But this wasn’t a palace. This was some room near that horrid creature. I shuddered because I knew he was near but I had no idea where. I got up and slung my legs on the side of the bed. My black cloak, where is it? I had on the white shorts and green polo I was wearing but my cloak was missing. I jumped out of the bed and began looking in every nook and cranny for it. And then on the desk I saw a note on top of a pile of folded clothes. The note read, “I went ahead and got you some clean clothes to wear. So when you’ve changed just call for me and I’ll answer and questions you have, Melinda.” I tossed the note aside but still I didn’t completely dismiss it. I was curious about my. . . future. I put on the clothes he set aside for me and couldn’t help but feel a little happy to be wearing something nice for a change. The jeans he gave me were dark blue and had a pretty black floral pattern and the shirt was soft and a pretty grayish green. I tried running my hand through my bright red hair but my fingers got caught in a mess of tangles. Okay so I got changed, now what? I looked back at the note and smirked. So what was I supposed to call me him? Demon? I laughed as I thought of the things that I should call him. “What’s so funny?” I almost screamed when he said this. “Sorry, did I startle you?” he asked with that fake worry. How dare he pretend to care, I thought as I glared at him. “Oh please, not this again. If you’ll please just let me explain, I promise you you’ll understand.” he groaned. “Excuse me? Explain what? That I’m going to be lunch or just some stupid minion once you turn me?” I yelled.


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