still the same dream. . . . okay well now it’s a story

July 7, 2010

Then suddenly, i felt the ground leave me.  He was picking me up as if i were a feather. I flipped my eyes open and opened my mouth to scream but a hand clamped over it. I still tried to scream though, but when it came out it was too muffled to be heard by anyone useful.  “Please, Melinda it would help if you were quiet.” he said in a voice that was very agitated.  In my mind I saw flashes of possible out comes if I didn’t obey. I let out a deep breath and stilled myself. As i did this, he removed his hand and adjusted me so I could look at his face. As I looked up at him, I’m sure my eyes showed nothing but pure hatred. “Now, why such a scary face?” he cooed.  I glared at the beast and I could feel as a growl built in my throat. Then, his face feel into a frown. He sighed as he continued to walk. As he looked forward, I couldn’t help but look at his weirdly blue eyes. I never really took time or well had the time to look at the eyes of vampires. However, I was always told that they had black or red eyes, eyes that screamed monstrosity and evil. His eyes though, I hated to say, but they were beautiful. It was a the kind of eyes that you could trust. . . I shook the ridiculous thought out of my head. No, there is no way in this world could this thing be trusted. He is a murder and nothing but that. I exhaled loudly as I found my world turning up-side down. “You keep staring at my eyes, why is that?” he asked.
What was I supposed to say? I don’t think ‘Oh, I was just wondering why a demon like you could have such beautiful eyes’ would really send the right message. So, in response, I let the built-up growl escape my lips. “Milly, please, could at least try to be pleasant?” he almost begged. Wait. Did he just call me Milly? Milly. I haven’t been called that in ages and I’m glad because it would bring up way too many memories. My eyes now practically slits, I growled, “Don’t you ever call me that, Ever.” His eyebrows furrowed and he shifted me so he was carrying me by only one arm. Then, he reached toward my face. I gasped and smacked his hand away. What was he doing? I tried to back away but once I again noticed that I was trapped in his hold, I stopped. His face once again took on a sad façade. He was so strange. This is so strange. This whole situation is strange. This day began as a race for life then I was attacked then I now I am in a vampires arms. Why? Why can’t he just kill me? I winced as all the shock and fear and pure madness hit me. My whole being was taken over by a shaky round of sobs. “Melinda, are you alright?” I cried even harder as he said my name. How does he know my name? Where is he taking me? Why won’t he kill me already? “Please just tell me what’s wrong.” he said softly. “Why won’t you just kill me?” I begged. He exhaled as said, “You don’t understand now, but you will.” “I don’t want to understand! I just want to go back.” I yelled. I shook my head as I wished this was all just a bad dream, but I was smarted than that. Suddenly, he again reached for my face and when I tried to stop him, well, I couldn’t. He curved his hand along my cheek and made me look at him. I tried to look away but I couldn’t as he looked directly into my eyes. They were warm and soft and inviting. All lies. But then as the seconds past I could feel my own eyes drooping and my body going limp as my head fell into a deep sleep. And as I finally began to lose consciousness, I could feel a hand smoothing my hair and a worried voice telling me that I was now safe.


5 Responses to “still the same dream. . . . okay well now it’s a story”

  1. kit13 Says:

    Dude, why can’t any of my stories sound this good? Kat, I’m sooo Jealous!

  2. kit13 Says:

    Nuh, uh. Have you even read that stuff? It’s nothing compared to this!

  3. kit13 Says:

    Kat 🙂
    Hi 🙂

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