Dream Continued. . .

July 7, 2010

“But there is no way to hide from what’s coming.” said the childish side of my mind.  I could only hope that if i keep pretending to sleep that it’ll go away.  However, i don’t think i’ll get that lucky. Then all i can hope is that it’s either a human or at least a monster with enough mercy to make it quick. So far tonight, though, hope hasn’t really worked.  Goodness, where’s God when you need him? The footsteps came closer and louder. I began to shake, not just from fear but also from the chilly gust of wind.  In all my life I’d never have thought or knew that anticipation could be this. . . horrible.  My breath stopped as the footsteps were right in front of me.  Automatically my muscles tightened and my senses sharpened. “Run, run for your life.” said the rational part of me. But i knew that if i took off running that my illusion of sleeping would fail and there’s no way in heaven that i could out run the thing that’s standing in front of me.”She did just as i asked, stayed in that same exact place. I knew she was smart.” It was him! The demon, he did this to me. Oh i am so going to make him pay. Wait no, no, no i can’t do anything. If i try anything who knows what will happen to me. Again, i focused on looking as asleep as possible.  I manage to loosen my muscles but that’s the best i can do. “Melinda, I’m afraid i might have to wake you up.” the scum whispered to me as if he almost had a heart. Suddenly, i could feel soft breathe against my cheek and hear the slight crackle of denim.   Wait, how did he know my name? That’s just way too weird, then again vampires being real is kind of weird. Then suddenly, i felt the ground leave me.  He was picking me up as if i were a feather. I flipped my eyes open and opened my mouth to scream but a hand clamped over it. I still tried to scream though, but when it came out it was too muffled to be heard by anyone useful.  “Please, Melinda it would help if you were quiet.” he said in a voice that was very agitated.  In my mind i saw flashes of possible out comes if i didn’t obey. I let out a deep breath and stilled myself. As i did this, he removed his hand and adjusted me so i could look at his face.


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