Haven’s reasoning

June 13, 2010

Why did you stop me, stop me from giving him what he deserved?” I said exasperatedly. She sighed as she scooted away from me. I should have guessed our little moment couldn’t last. She lifted her head to look me in the eye and whispered, “Would you understand if I told you I loved him?” Love him? How could she love someone who has caused her so much pain. “No, I really don’t think I could.” I said with a shake of my head. Her lips curved into a dark, grim smile as she looked back at the her bed. “I knew you wouldn’t.” she breathed. “After I learned that my whole life was just a sad little lie, I went into this fake rebellion stage.” she went on her smile became a little happier at the thought of old memories. “I became dark and silent so then my mom had a great idea that maybe I just needed my own space. A few days later, I was picking out furniture for my own house. Even though they gave me that freedom, I still was dark and it was starting to become real.” she paused as she shivered at another memory? “ I had disconnected myself from all of my old friends and I was alone, by fault. A few days later Julienne came into my life. He immediately just worshiped me. I felt bad about turning him away so, he became my only friend. He was horrible at being a best friend. When I cried he just left and when I had a problem, he tried to listen but just couldn’t think of anything to do about it. Still, he was all I had in those dark times.” she finished with a sad note. Dark times? She said as if they were past tense, but how could that be when she always seemed so sad? “So when did these dark times end?” She let out a sound of twinkling laughter and looked at me. “When you came. You made things a lot brighter.


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