10 Phrases and Words of me

June 13, 2010

Self-proclaimed genius


Miss grumpy pants

Evilly lovable




Member of nerd union

Music lover



3 Responses to “10 Phrases and Words of me”

  1. Alexys Says:

    Hahaha you made my day, Kat!!! I knew I was not alone in reining the world of Nerds!!! We shall together,along with my sister, Abby, in making sure the pocket protector citizens of the nerd realm are safe from the horros of non-believers!!!

    (Comment if you want to rel… i’ll get it via email)

    • jellywaffle Says:

      🙂 hey when you get a chance, read my newest post if not on the home page, it should be in the dreams and ideas place.

  2. kit13 Says:

    And easily huggable. You forgot that.

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