Climax (Julienne is crazy)

May 31, 2010

I can’t help but remember Haven last night. When I listened to that message she seemed so sad, I hope she’s okay. And it doesn’t help that she’s not answering her phone. I’ll just have to go to see her later to ease my mind. Still, I can’t help but think Julienne is probably the cause of her sadness. He just left all of a sudden without a word of where he was going and why. I sighed as I trotted down the stairs. “You okay, you seem agitated?” asks Ethan. I nod in response and head toward the door. “Where are you going?” questions Mary while eating a granola bar. “I have to go see Haven.” I say as I close the door behind me. I can’t wait for her to reassure me on her own time. Every second I don’t know what’s wrong with her, my imagination creates another horrid possibility. I know i shouldn’t worry so much, but I can’t help it. My pace quickens from a fast walk, to a jog, to a full out sprint. I have to know that she’s okay and not another vampire’s dinner or kidnapped. I don’t bother to knock as I pull the unlocked—thank god— door open. I call out her name, but I get no answer. I check the kitchen, bathrooms, dance room, ballet studio, and finally her bedroom. She’s not anywhere. Oh no, what am I supposed to do? Call the police, FBI, NASA? Ok, I should go see if she’s at the main house first. At a less alarming pace then before, I went to her parents home. This time, as I got to her door, I knocked. I tapped my foot impatiently as I waited for an answer. Opening the door, Jesse greets me. “How are you Carter?” I shake my head, “Haven, is Haven here?” I almost yell. “No, have you checked her house?” she asks concerned. I nod my head, too scared to speak. Jesse yells for Havens mom and she comes jogging down the hall. “What, what’s wrong?” she hurries out. She tells her what I’ve been so worried about and Mrs. Zanford goes white. “Oh dear god, go call the police. Wait no, we’ll just go look for her.” she nods to herself as she pulls out her phone. Jesse is off to find a search party while I just stand there in particle shock. Oh no, no, no. Poor Haven, no my poor Haven. It may not be official, but it hurts too much for her not to be mine. Then I think, where would she be? She wouldn’t have gone willingly without telling someone, she cares too much to do that, even though she would never admit it. It wouldn’t be a public place because if she was taken, she would put up a fight. That still leaves a lot of places to look. So far all I know is that she was taken because she would of told someone. Unless. Unless, she had to go help someone she cared for. . . Julienne!. She’s somewhere with Julienne, but it still feels like she would be in a hidden place. They would be in a place for just the two of them. I thought and thought, but came up with nothing. “Arnold come on!” I heard from the kitchen. “Okay, okay just let me put away the silverware.” Ware, Warehouse. She’s at the warehouse. Without thinking, I started in that direction. As I ran, my feet never seemed to touch the ground, like I was flying. I slowed slightly as neared the old dirt road leading to their shack of a hideout. On either side of the road broken bits of barbed wire fence and tall grass could be seen. The fence was rusty and broken from years of abuse and the plants and grasses were wildly overgrown from a lack of mowing and care. The old cracked and chipped building was a light grayish, brown that looked dusty. It was abandoned and looked the part. My run had stopped all together. I was afraid of her not being here. If she isn’t here, then she could be dieing in some other place. I shivered at the image of her pale, lifeless body. I crept closer to the building soundlessly. The doors were open and patches of dust were missing. I opened the doors all the way to alert anything alive in the building. The day seemed too cold, too silent. My feet made small crunching sounds against the straw and dirt floor. In mid-step I stopped to listen. I could hear a soft whimper come from the right side. It was the sound of a hurt animal, a small helpless animal in pain. The soft whimper turned into a sob and then I knew where Haven was without a doubt. “Haven!” I yelled as loud as I dared. The sound became louder and I ran toward it. Lying on a pile of yellow hay was Haven. She was curled into a fetal position and her face was purple and pale. I kneeled down to her side and brushed her hair back. “Shh. . . It’s going to be okay.” Then she yelped in pain as she tried to sit up. “Just stay there okay? I’m going to fix this.” I whispered to her on the verge of tears. Tears ran down her face and traced lines in the dirt on her precious face. She shivered as I slipped my black hoody on her. She was only wearing a thin pale blue tank top and a pair of shorts, which were torn up. “Haven, tell me who did this to you, tell me so I can make them pay.” I practically growled. She wined and turned her head. “You have to tell me Haven!” I said. “Carter,” she wined. I kissed her forehead in encouragement. “Get away from her.” yelled someone behind me. Julienne. That dirty little. . . Ugh there is no word bad enough to describe him. His brown eyes glared down at me. He shook his sandy colored hair and growled “ I said get away from her!” I looked Haven in the eyes and leaned down to her ear and whispered, “Run, run as fast as you can away from here.” I stood up and felt as my eyes darkened and my face became of a vampires, beautiful but deadly. “You did this to her, didn’t you? You hit her and beat her to what, make her love you? It’s obvious you love her, but making kneel over in pain is not going to help your case.” I said acidly. He backed up in alarm as I stepped toward him. Yes, be afraid, very afraid. I should kill him now, but that would be way too nice. I should let him rot in jail and then kill him. I seemed to only be paying attention to Julienne, but my ears were still listening to Haven as she tried her best to get up. I tapped my foot softly to get her attention as I slid my phone out of my back pocket. She was still right behind me as I tossed her my phone with silent perfection. She would know what to do, she was a smart girl. As I confronted and kept Julienne busy I listened to her soft voice urging the police to come. When I heard her click off her phone, yelled “Now, Haven, run!” I grabbed her wrist from behind and helped her up and pushed her to move faster. I let wrist go as she ran to the safe outside world. She was much slower than normal and Julienne was able to catch her around the waist. No, now he just everything worse for him. I knew as his face turned pale in shock that my eyes were black and fangs were showing. “What are you?” he studdered out. I smiled grimly and said in an equally grim voice, “The monster of your most horrible nightmares, a vampire.” His eyes were wide and so were Havens. “ I knew it, you were never human just a beast.” he whispered. I shook my head and glared at my victim. “Right now, I am no beast because you take that role. You hurt someone dear to me and now you pay.” Haven screamed and I looked sadly at her face. She whimpered in pain as he held her tighter. I moved closer as venom filled my mouth. “No,” protested Haven, “Don’t kill him. Please, Carter.” I sighed in defeat as I looked down, I was never able to defy Haven. Just as my eyes flickered up, Julienne pulled out a knife to her throat. I could hear as Haven’s heart beat faster and her breath stopped. “I’ll do it, don’t think I wont!” yelled Julienne. “If you move any closer I’ll slit her throat open.” I raised my arms up and moved a few steps back. He looked from side to side, probably thinking about making a run for it. Go ahead, I thought, go and run. I’m faster than him and I would catch him. In a movement of panic. He dropped Haven and ran. In the process, he had cut Haven on her shoulder. Now running after him seemed stupid. He was running outside and it would be hard to leave Haven. Not to worry though, because just down the road are the cops. I looked back at Haven into her green eyes. I collapsed next to her and wrapped my arms around her. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry that I scared you.” I whispered. I laid my head on her shoulder, right where he cut her. “Carter, are you okay?” she asked almost silently. I laughed as I said,” I just told you I’m a vampire and you’re still worried about me? What a silly girl.” She tried to push me away but it was useless. My arms were wrapped tightly around her. Just a few minutes ago I had finally felt like a true vampire but now I just want to think of Haven. Outside of the warehouse I heard the sound of the police finally comeing to do my dirty work. “You know Julienne will protest that you’re a vampire, but they’ll just think he’s crazy.” she said as she slightly relaxed. I chuckled once and said, “I have a very advanced mind, I already thought of everything.” She whispered to herself but I didn’t bother to eavesdrop on her personal conversation. I could hear as the struggle outside slowly came to an end. “Do you think you can stand?” I asked softly. She shrugged and put her little hands on my shoulders for support. She slowly eased herself up but halfway up she cringed in pain and fell back in my arms. “I guess not.” she said as her breath grew heavy with pain. I shifted her across me and pick her up. Automatically, as expected, she stiffened. “Would you rather try walking again?” She crinkled her cute little nose and relaxed in defeat. I cradled her against my chest as I took measured steps outside. I could smell her blood still, but I still wasn’t I guess you could say interested in it like I expected. When I was laying my head next to the gash on her shoulder I got used to it but it smelled stronger now. I glanced down at her feet and saw blood rolling off the balls of her feet in small streams. “Your feet, what happened?” I asked curiously. I looked at them closer and saw the sparkle of glass within the cuts on her feet. “Later, I’ll tell you later.” she said with a blank voice. The light disordered my vision as we finally took the first few steps outside. Immediately a couple of officers came to us asking if we were okay. I nodded off their questions as they lead us to a paramedic. Gently, I sat her up on the back of the ambulance as the paramedic looked over her wounds. “Your foot still has glass stuck in the skin so we’ll take care of that first.” he said in a calm professional voice. After every shard of glass he pulled out of her feet, she looked over at me. I knew what she was thinking, if he’s really a vampire why isn’t he going crazy right now? I smiled reassuringly at her and walked over to her side. I held out my hand and she gladly placed her’s in mine. After about twenty minutes he was done bandageing her and disinfecting her, which she whimpered at. In the end, she had cut up feet, a large slash on her shoulder, and a few cracked ribs. Neither of us bothered to check on Julienne’s status but luckily he was gone by the time Haven’s mom came to get us. Her mom cried and hugged Haven a lot. It made me smile seeing how much she cared. Haven just smiled back. She was still siting on the back of the ambulance, unable to walk. The medic offered to carry her to the car but I reassured him I was capable. I once again I scoped her up in my arms but didn’t hold as close to me as I would like. Her mom was here so it was kind of weird to be so close to her when as far as she knew we just mutual friends. I placed Haven laid out in the backseat and sat up front with her mom. After a minute or so I began to understand how Haven thought she was her real mom. She had the right shade of hair and had almost the same face shape. Her mom smiled a lot, even after what just happened, maybe she was just pleased to have her daughter safe and not hurt, well hurt worse. Haven groaned at every bump we hit on the way home. I looked back at her constantly to smile at her and she smiled back. Today has been an exciting day I guess. I hope, for her sake, the last of this year isn’t at all exciting. I can still see that look in her eyes that looks like a melt down on the verge of breaking out. I surprised when we finally reached Haven’s house, I thought her mom would of taken her back to the main house. When it came time to take Haven inside I tried my hardest not to cause her any more pain. Her mom said her goodbyes in order to go alert Haven’s dad who was unable to come here because of work. “So where do you want me to put you down at?” I asked as the door swung behind us. Through gritted teeth she said, “My bed.” As gentle as possible I laid her down. She sighed in relief as she was finally still. There was an awkward silence between us as her dim room became darker. Neither of us moved, because we felt no need to. “What happened? What did he do to you?” I asked with earnest worry and curiosity. She turned her head away from me and began, “I thought he was in trouble, but I didn’t really want to get anyone else involved so I went to him.” I swallowed hard and continued on. “When I first got there I called out his name but there was no answer. So I moved toward the back where we always went, thinking that maybe he just fell asleep. He wasn’t though,” her voice lowered to a sad whisper, “he was waiting for me. I’m not sure what happened next, I think he hit me with something.” she said rubbing her head unconsciously. “I got up and tried to ask him what happened, but he just pushed me right back down. I was shocked, I always thought of Julienne as non-violent. Then I yelled at me him,” she broke on the last word. “ he started to kick me in my ribs and I told him to stop but he just hurt me more.” Tears streamed down her face and her face looked like she was there again, sitting under him. I put my hand on her hair and shushes her calmly. How naïve of her, she never noticed how hurt he was by her. He loved her and she never noticed, wow. Just wow. I knew he was going to crack and I knew that I may be the reason why, hell I expected him to break around me. She quickly composed herself and turned back toward me. “I’m sorry.” she mumered.


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